“When I used the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer, my alignment improved, and my balance was restored. Most importantly, I felt safe! My first day home from the hospital following my hip replacement, I could feel that the framed walker that was prescribed was restricting my ability to walk naturally.  I started using the Vizziq for walking practice and standing exercises inside my house. As soon as my physical therapist said I was ready, I started walking outdoors. The Vizziq gave me confidence to keep improving. I would absolutely recommend this wonderful tool to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, both pre- and post-surgery, or to enhance their gait and alignment and posture, or to use for corrective exercise in learning and communicating with the neuromuscular connection. I have a nursing studies background and have multiple professional affiliations and certifications in fitness, health and wellness. The benefits of this trainer are significant. My sense of feeling safe while being successful during my physical recovery allowed for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. I was amazed. The Vizziq is much more than a walker, it’s my trainer.”

Judy – Total Hip Replacement Patient

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