Meet our team of healthcare professionals dedicated to the success of our Neuromuscular Trainer.

Doug Merz, MPT


I am a private practice physical therapist of 30 years, and the owner of Merz Physical Therapy at The Marsh, a Center for Balance and Fitness in Minneapolis, MN (currently owned by the YMCA).  Merz Physical Therapy is housed in this wellness center that focuses on ensuring their members are able to age well. My career focus has always been on balance and symmetry, especially with gait dynamics, within an aging and neurologically impaired population. I have focused on influencing the holistic reputation of the Marsh as a mentor and partner in wellness for the membership, the staff and especially referring healthcare professionals in the community. I have been a supporter of the Vizziq and the inventor/owner Katherine Haik, since the inception of the Vizziq. Mobility is everything and Vizziq is a well-tested, evidence-based tool to improve mobility, dynamic stability and assist patients with proper gait mechanics.

Dr. Pat Headshot without Background


I have a passion for advancing each patient’s health. I'm committed to identifying the root cause of your issue and building a recovery strategy that will quickly get you back to living your life with sustained physical wellness.
My approach to chiropractic focuses primarily on diagnostics. That includes integrating kinesiology, neurology, muscle strength testing, pain management, and supportive exercises, giving you a better and faster recovery with longer-lasting results. I have been providing comprehensive chiropractic recovery care to help people for over 15 years. I obtained my Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Lifewest Chiropractic College in Hayward, California.


Meet our team of industry leaders who are dedicated to the success of our Neuromuscular Trainer.

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We trust Charlie McMann with all of our business needs. Eager and curious, Charlie McMann proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. From business analysis to technological solutions, you want this hard working innovator in your corner. Get in touch to learn more.


Jordan Parker boasts nearly a decade of experience in the industry. Passionate about business and innovation, Jordan Parker managed to recruit an excellent team of professionals and win the attention of investors as well as the media. Give us a call if you want to get in touch with Jordan Parker.


A veteran business person who is always looking for the next big challenge, Taylor Quill has been with us since starting our company in 2000. With their passion and expertise, Taylor Quill has managed to take our company to new highs and achieve growth. Check out our press kit for lectures or press opportunities with Taylor Quill.