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The Vizziq™ Neuromuscular Trainer enhances independence and vitality.

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Capabilities Statement

Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer is a solution for effective gait training, neuromuscular re-education, recovery and independence.

Evidence suggests:

  • Increased gait speed, symmetry and trunk rotation
  • Improved gait mechanics. Speeds recovery pre/post surgery
  • Promotes confidence vs. fear of falling
  • Enhances posture vs. stoop over and shuffle
  • Improves head positioning for better focus and confidence
  • Positively impacts brain – body connection
  • Improves independence vs. gait decline and dependence
  • Compared to traditional mobility methods demonstrates effective outcomes
  • Corrects imbalances and improves overall fitness
  • Builds confidence, potentially improving emotional, physical and socioeconomic
  • Therapy code advantage: Neuromuscular Re-education – 97112


  • Utility and method patents awarded with portfolio in continuation
  • 60 years combined experience in wellness and community health and fitness industries including business and sales
  • Designed, evaluated and demonstrated Vizziq Training to local health systems and community

Collaborating partners

  • Ross Mackert Design Studio
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Wilson Wolf
    New Brighton, MN
  • KDI Precision Manufacturing
    Rogers, MN.
  • St. Catherine University’s WHIR (Women’s Health Integrative Research) Center
    St. Paul, MN
  • Merz Physical Therapy
    Minnetonka MN
  • PTAC
    St Paul, MN
  • Mobility Matters
    San Francisco, CA
  • Twin Cities YMCA


  • STEP Therapies
  • MERZ Physical Therapy
  • YMCA
  • Direct to consumer

The Only Mobility Device That Syncs With Your Stride!

DID YOU KNOW: Falls among adults age 65 and older are very costly. Each year about $50 billion is spent on medical costs related to non-fatal fall injuries. Source: CDC

About the Vizziq NT

The Vizziq NT has unique features that set it apart from its closest competitors including:

  • Spring-loaded pivoting frame that syncs with your natural stride
  • Adjustable upright handlebars (user height 4’10” – 6”5’) within the frame
  • Optional frame-lock for meeting individualized function levels
  • Rear-wheel – locking mechanism
  • Surround around frame for personal exercise station
  • Large 8” polyurethane wheels for better traction, turning and maneuverability
  • Ergonomic multi-position hand grips
  • Foldable frame for easy transport/shipping


23 lbs

User Height:
Recommended for people 4’10 – 6’5″


Handlebar Heights:
Adjusts from 33″ – 48″ (6 adjustment options)

Weight Capacity:.
350 lbs

23 lbs

Recommended for people 4’10” – 6’5″

W25″ x D33″

Adjusts from 33”– 48” (6 adjustment options)

350 lbs

  1. Front Frame
  2. Front Crossbar
  3. Tie Rod with Springs
  4. Quick Connector
  5. Side Frames
  6. Detent Pin
  7. Non-Pivoting Locking Feature
  8. Left Handlebar
  9. Right Handlebar
  10. Brake Cable
  11. Ball Stud
  1. Right Leg
  2. Left Leg
  3. Handlebar Adjustment Knob
  4. Back Plate
  5. Cable Tie
  6. Upper Handgrip
  7. Lower Handgrip
  8. Brake (Squeeze)
  9. Wheel Locking Mechanism (Pull)
  10. Rear Vertical Frame Tube

Help reduce fall incidents.

Partner with Vizziq.

Minimize the risk of falling and its emotional and economic burden on society.

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