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Vizziq is novel, evidence based, neuromuscular gait trainer that can improve your patient's gait mechanics, increase their confidence, and help them thrive at home. Let our team show you how to increase outcomes and ROI for you or your clinic.

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Increase your patients' confidence and meet goals while improving outcomes.

Clinicians know how important gait is to a patients' overall health and well-being. Gait is a predictor of health outcomes. For every 0.1m/s slower a patient walks, their chance for morbidity within 3 years increases by 30%, and for mortality within 4 years by 18-24%. 

Let's work together to improve your patients' gait health, posture, balance, and confidence so they can thrive at home. Join us in the MOVEMENT Movement, to increase walking for patients at home, in the clinics, and especially in care facilities whether acute or chronic care. 

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What do Clinicians using Vizziq say?

Doug Merz, MPT

"The Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer encourages rather than hinders trunk rotation, hip extension elongation of the posterior aspects of the trailing leg and upright postural stability during the entire gait cycle. This controlled resistance to the patient’s reciprocating movements of the patients imparted by the Vizziq provides the user with greater proprioceptive and kinetic feedback, which will enhance volitional control and strength of the desired muscle groups."

Doug Merz, MPT

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