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“I had my hip replaced twice and was expecting longer than usual recovery times due to the complications. I was introduced to the Vizziq trainer following the second surgery and it helped my gait return to normal sooner because it helped me walk correctly, even before I was completely healed. It also gave me confidence to walk more often during my recovery. I would highly recommend this product for a faster recovery!”

John — Hip Replacement Patient

“I was surprised to find I needed a total hip replacement at age 56. I used the Vizziq both before and after surgery. I did my exercises frequently and when I discovered the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer it was like a dream come true. The cane and walkers I used restricted my natural movement. I could feel a significant difference! The Vizziq allowed me to walk in a way that felt natural. I was able to go for walks using the Vizziq trainer and get back my normal gait while building the muscles that had been affected. Using it before surgery allowed me to exercise and maintain a more natural gait with less pain. I am tall and I could feel relief in my back due to the pivoting motion the Vizziq allows. The procedure went smoothly but I reacted to the pain medication and wasn’t able to get out of bed for three days. When they realized the cause of my illness and changed the medication I felt better but had missed the opportunity to engage in physical therapy at the hospital. I was sent to a nursing home where physical therapy was offered and in no time I was on my feet. Since I have always been active, it was difficult to slow down. The Vizziq gave me confidence to maintain my exercise routine! It wasn’t long before my usual level of activity returned and I’m happy to report that there are now days that I forget I even had the surgery!”

Dana — Total Hip Replacement Patient

“I was introduced to the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer by my physical therapist, I immediately enjoyed a sense of freedom. Six years on a standard walker after two brainstem strokes, I felt hunched and caged, with eyes on the floor. The Vizzig trainer was a revelation! I was able to stand tall, something that improves my sense of wellbeing. My strides were longer. But it is the articulated frame that is most transformative. My arm movement feels like unencumbered walking. The rhythm of my arms prompts my feet in a reinforcing communication loop. No more halting shuffle; instead, fluid and faster. Thank you for giving me back that sensation. It will be integral in providing exercise and hope to many!”

Ellen — Brainstem Stroke Patient

“At age 53 and physically fit and active, I had a hip resurfacing. I was introduced to the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer prior to my procedure to do some pre-surgical conditioning. It was so much easier and less painful to walk with the Vizziq trainer. Unfortunately, my surgery turned into a nightmare due to some internal bleeding. My two-day hospital stay turned into nearly a month in the hospital and Transitional Care for physical therapy, where I had the luxury of using the Vizziq trainer. I can still remember how incredibly wonderful it felt to finally stand up straight to walk. I instantly felt my spine lengthen and fall into its proper place. The torso rotation felt so good too with the gentle stretch movement. I then used the Vizziq for conditioning around my walking paths in my neighborhood as I worked to help restore my natural walking motion. I am entirely grateful each day for my strength and physical abilities. Walking is a part of my exercise routine and I use the Vizziq in a mindful way when I’m out for my long walks. It naturally allows my spine to align and prompts gentle trunk rotation. I recommend the Vizziq pre-and post-surgery. The feeling stays with you through a sort of muscle memory. I often visualize I’m in a Vizziq when I’m out for long walks. It naturally positions my spine into proper alignment.”

Barbara — Hip Resurfacing Patient

“After only my first few steps walking tall with the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer I knew I’d found the best new version of a walker for me. For the first time in my years-long recovery from a spinal cord surgery (tumor) that left me with permanent spinal cord injuries, among them a right leg too weak to stand on, I could finally stand tall and walk with the Vizziq trainer. I believe that if I’d had the Vizziq at the start of my recovery, my recovery period would have been years shorter because the Vizziq immediately supports standing up straight, it put me back on my heels and allowed me to properly bear my weight, which helped to restore my balance. It is a miracle tool. While standing up straight with better balance, I was able to correct my gait and in no time the Vizziq was helping me walk faster and farther. Today I remain disabled but able to drive and independently walk to get done what I need to do. Vizziq helped me become independent again.”

Colleen — Spinal Cord Injury Patient

“I’m writing this on behalf of my 89-year-old dad who used a Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer when he was sent home on hospice three years ago. He had both a cerebral hemorrhage and multiple blood clots in his lungs and legs after a terrible fall during which he landed on his head and then went to the ICU via ambulance, where he coded on the table. Although the hospital team brought him back, the doctors couldn’t treat the clots due to the hemorrhage and vice versa. He was so weak, he couldn’t stand, feed or bathe himself. Once he got enough strength to stand up, he was using a standard walker and was leaning forward and looking down with poor posture; posture that seemed to worsen with each day. His breathing was labored and he was deconditioned but, he was determined to get off of hospice! So, I reached out to Vizziq and we started working with the new Vizziq trainer. He immediately started walking with confidence and a new sense of strength. He stood up straight and his breathing improved. He quickly started to regain both his physical strength and his humorous personality. He finally had stability, symmetry and support while walking. He was able to get off the oxygen. He slowly got stronger and stronger! After about six months, he was able to go on blood thinners (after the brain bleed stabilized) and eventually he graduated from hospice! Without the use of the Vizziq trainer, I’m convinced he never would have regained his physical strength, nor his confidence. Let alone his desire and motivation to keep moving forward. As I write this testimonial, he’s doing his favorite thing in the world — fishing for walleye in Canada with my brother and about 15 of their best friends. We’re all so grateful for this new generation of advanced walker/trainer. It’s difficult to imagine why anyone would want to exercise using a conventional walker again.”

Anne for Pops — Hospice Patient

“When I used the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer, my alignment improved, and my balance was restored. Most importantly, I felt safe! My first day home from the hospital following my hip replacement, I could feel that the framed walker that was prescribed was restricting my ability to walk naturally. I started using the Vizziq for walking practice and standing exercises inside my house. As soon as my physical therapist said I was ready, I started walking outdoors. The Vizziq gave me confidence to keep improving. I would absolutely recommend this wonderful tool to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, both pre- and post-surgery, or to enhance their gait and alignment and posture, or to use for corrective exercise in learning and communicating with the neuromuscular connection. I have a nursing studies background and have multiple professional affiliations and certifications in fitness, health and wellness. The benefits of this trainer are significant. My sense of feeling safe while being successful during my physical recovery allowed for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. I was amazed. The Vizziq is much more than a walker, it’s my trainer.”

Judy — Total Hip Replacement Patient

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