University Research

Research suggests the Vizziq™ Neuromuscular Trainer (NT) could reduce fall risk.

Our Vizziq NT team recently had the privilege of working with the Women’s Health Integrative Research (WHIR) Center at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota on a focused research initiative. The goal of this project was to test whether the Vizziq NT promotes natural walking movements, such as normal speed of walking and gait symmetry, in people 55 and older.

The Results

Based on measured improvements in both walking speed and stride length, the findings provide evidence that regular use of the Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer is superior to regular walking practice as a means of improving walking patterns in older individuals; eliciting improvements that persist even when walking without the device.

These results are consistent with the hypothesis that the pivoting articulated frame of the Vizziq NT enhances proprioceptive feedback and associated neurofacilitation that positively modulates the basic locomotor rhythm. The research suggests that preventative gait training with the Vizziq NT could reduce fall risk and also could reduce the need for conventional walkers in adults 55 and older.

Further evidence suggests the Vizziq NT promotes more optimal walking patterns — speed, pelvic rotation, and gait symmetry — compared to conventional walkers. Improvements in these important gait training measures could prevent falls and enhance the independence and mobility of its users.

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