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It's NOT a Walker -It's a Neuromuscular Trainer
The only mobility device that syncs with your stride. 
Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer - Celeste Blue_edited_edited_edited.png

The first evidence based progressive, solution for over-the-ground neuromuscular gait training that provides dynamic stability.

Vizziq improves gait mechanics including gait speed, stride length, trunk rotation while promoting posture and balance.

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Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer

Gait is a Predictor of Health Outcomes

CMS paid over $50B in medical expenses for falls in 2015. This is going to more than double by 2030 and will be over $101B, unless we make important changes to the way we manage our gait health and decrease risk of falls.

1 in 4 

Adults Fall Annually in the US

3 Million

Emergency Department Visits from Falls.


Hospitalizations from Falls

30% Increase Risk of Disability in 3 Years

For Every 0.1m/s Slower Gait Speed

18-24% Increase of Mortality in 4 Years

For Every 0.1m/s Slower Gait Speed

Gait Impacts All Health

Gait is an integrative way to measure health; gait alterations can influence function of multiple physiological systems. When gait declines the risk for falls, frailty, loss of independence, and death increases.

Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer is Evidence Based and Scientifically Developed to Improve Gait Mechanics

Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer is the first over-the-ground, progressive, neuromuscular gait training device with patented spring-loaded resistive pivoting frame. 

Vizziq uses proprioception (the sense that allows perception of location, movement, and action of the body) to activate the three inherent fall defense mechanisms (visual, vestibular, somatosensory). 

Vizziq Allows for an upright and forward gaze, improving posture, balance, and confidence, while decreasing fear of falling. 

Vizziq is the solution to improve your gait health and walk stronger for longer. We want to walk with you through your gait journey. Learn more about how our Success Coaches can help. 

The MOVEMENT Movement

Commit to moving with Vizziq TODAY

Who needs Vizziq?

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Apparently Healthy Adults

Our gait declines as we age or have physical or emotional traumas.

Orthopedic Blue.jpeg

Orthopedic Conditions

Prehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Injury, Trauma, Arthritis

Vestibular System Blue.jpeg

Vestibular Conditions

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Labyrinthitis, Vestibular Neuritis, Ménière's Disease, Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops

Neurons Blue.jpeg

Progressive Conditions

ALS, MS, Ataxia, Functional Movement Disorder

Neurological System Blue_edited.jpg

Neurological Conditions

Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Ataxia, Spinal Cord Injury, Functional Neurological, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Obesity Blue.jpeg


Obesity, Trauma, Diabetes, Muscle Weakness

The Science Behind Vizziq

Vizziq is a progressive (locked/un-locked frame), over-the-ground, neuromuscular gait training mobility device; that can be locked into a stationary exercise station.

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Progressive Reciprocating Frame

Locked Position allows the Vizziq to be locked down and not pivot for people requiring more support. Un-locked Position allows the Vizziq to pivot and reciprocate with you while you walk.

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2 Hand Placements

Upright Hand Placement allows for forward gaze and reciprocating movement to enable arm swing.

Parallel Bar Placement allows for more support while the body moves.

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Exercise Station

Vizziq can be locked into a personal exercise station to do stretching, sit to stand, and other exercises while at home or during a walk. Additional tension can be placed on Vizziq by the addition of weights and resistance bands.

Join the MOVEMENT Movement

Please fill out this simple form and we will contact you to add you on the pre-order list for your Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer. The first 100 people receive a special offer. 

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