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Vizziq is the first of its kind in over-the-ground neuromuscular gait training with its progressive, reciprocating/pivoting (can be locked or unlocked) frame with resistive technology. It has two hand placements, either upright or parallel bar placement, that allows for additional stability and confidence. Vizziq improves gait mechanics like stride length, step length, gait speed, pelvic and trunk rotation, confidence, and decreased fear of falling, other mobility aids cause gait decline or impairment, Vizziq does not. 


Parallel Handlebar Placement


Handlebar Adjustment Knob


Reciprocating/Pivoting Frame

Vizziq Features Numbered Description


Frame Locking Detent Pin


Resistive Spring


Upright Handlebar Placement

Evidence Based Features

Evidence suggests the pivoting frame and spring-loaded resistance activates the 3 inherent fall defense mechanisms improving gait mechanics, posture, and balance.


User Height Recommendation: 4'10" to 6'5"

Weight Capacity: 350lbs / 158.8kg 

Handlebar Heights: (6 Adjustments) 33" - 48" 

Wheel Diameter: D 8" x W 2" 

Unit Weight: 23lbs / 10.4kg

Unit Dimensions:

Open: W 25" x D 33"

Folded: W 11" x L 40" 

Colors: Black, White, Celeste Blue (discontinued)

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