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Tri-Planar Walker

Introducing a revolutionary 3D mobility aid improving gait dynamics through dynamic stability, fall defense system activation, proprioception, neural motor planning, and reducing self-initiated perturbation. 

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Focused Conditions & Diagnosis 

Neurological Disorders, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Vestibular Disorders, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Ataxia, Orthopedic Injury, Replacement, or Disorders, or Other Gait Dysfunction

Evidence-Based Features

Progressive, Pivoting Frame with Spring-Loaded Resistance, Reciprocating Surround-Around Frame, Large Wheels for Traction & Maneuverability, Ergonomic Multi-Positional Hand Grips, Lockable Frame & Wheels, Back Wheel Braking, Light Weight Frame

Physical Therapy Goals

Gait & Balance Training, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Enhancement of Neural Motor Planning, Decreases Self-Initiated Perturbation, Confidence Building, Strength Training, Dynamic Stability & Fall Defense Mechanism Activation & Strengthening

Research Results

Improved Gait Mechanics: Gait Speed, Trunk/Pelvic Rotation, Stride & Step Length, Decreased Self-Initiated Perturbation (i.e., Freezing, Festinating), Confidence, Posture

"Vizziq allows people to exercise/train in a way other equipment will not." 

Christopher, Physical Therapist

"We absolutely love Vizziq and use it for our patients because they respond well to it. Vizziq allows some people to exercise and train in a way that other equipment will not. There is a huge value in that for functional ability (walking) as well as endurance."

"Vizziq provides proprioceptive and kinetic feedback." 

Doug, Physical Therapist 

"Vizziq encourages rather than hinders trunk rotation, hip extension,  elongation of the trailing leg, and upright postural stability throughout entire gait cycle. This controlled resistance to the reciprocating movements imparted by Vizziq provides the user with greater proprioceptive and kinetic feedback, enhancing volitional control and strength of desired muscle group."



Let us help you determine the best reimbursement strategy for your facility:

  • CPT Codes

  • MIPS Incentives

  • Vizziq Certified Training Site 

  • Punch Cards/Pay per Use

  • Rental Programs 

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