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Quality, Repetition, & Form; One Step at a Time!

Woman Walking with Vizziq Showing Rotation

Why Vizziq? 

We're changing the way you walk

Vizziq provides dynamic stability using patented technology of a progressive, pivoting frame (locked/unlocked) with spring-loaded resistance, dual hand placement, and the option to lock down into an exercise station for warm-up, cool-downs, & stretching.

Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer

FDA registered medical device

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 1.27.13 AM.png

Progressive Spring-Loaded Resistance

Neural Motor Planning for Gait Control

Decreases Self-Initiated Perturbation i.e. Freezing

Activates 3-Inherent Fall Defense Mechanisms 

Proprioceptive Feedback & Dynamic Stability

Functional 3D Mobility Aid (No Dependency)

"My walker is getting cobwebs" 
- John, Parkinson's Disease

"His walking has improved, we almost never use his's getting cobwebs. YAY!...He hardly ever shuffles anymore, can you believe it? I can't! His brain power has improved too." 

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Man with Parkinson's Disease walking with Vizziq in parking lot
Man with Parkinson's Disease walking with Vizziq

"I have NEVER had an event of freezing while Vizziq Training" 
-Deni, Parkinson's Disease 

"I have NEVER had an event of freezing while walking with the Vizziq Trainer. I have also never encountered any jerky uncontrolled steps while using the trainer....Multitasking I can also carry on a conversation while walking with Vizziq."

"I can keep up with my 2-year old and have regained control of my life!" 
-George, Pseudo-gout & Neurosurgery

"After being diagnosed with pseudo-gout at 23 and numerous procedures on knees, elbows, shoulder, and neurosurgery on the spine, my husband lost his ability to walk normally. His back became rounded and he was hunched over. Upon receiving the Vizziq, within minutes his posture and gait improved along with his speed...and with extended use he not only can keep up with our two year old, he has regained a functional gait, his posture has improved, and his pain has somewhat decreased. Vizziq has allowed him to regain control of his life, and the ability to walk without aid of a walker or crutches. Thanks to Vizziq, we have gained a sense of normalcy for him. "

- Heather, George's wife 

Son holding dad's hand in park

Gait Predicts Health Outcomes

gait predicts health outcomes_edited.jpg


Increase risk of morbidity in 3 years for every 0.1m/s decrease in gait speed

30 Yrs


Increase risk of mortality in 4 years for every 0.1m/s decrease in gait speed

1 in 4

Age gait begins to decline, 

sooner when 

illness or injury


Adults fall each year, with many caused by gait anormalities


We work with all of the best in gait health and will work with your clinician to bring Vizziq to your community. 

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