Vizziq is the only mobility device that syncs with your stride!


More than 30 years ago, I started working with fitness industry pioneers offering integrative services that included warm water therapy. We designed aquatic protocols for those living with a chronic illness or recovering from surgery or injury. Participants benefited from this water therapy, with improvements in posture and gait dynamics, and less pain and discomfort than traditional land therapies. Unfortunately when they left the water, many began stooping and shuffling again using their mobility devices, cancelling out the improvements they accomplished in the water.

Since traditional mobility devices such as canes, walkers, and crutches are designed for the person to push or lean on, they can negatively affect gait efficiency, stability, core strength, symmetry, and power. I wanted to develop a unique solution for use on land, so I worked with the best engineers and scientists to create the Vizziq(TM) Neuromuscular Trainer.

Brain-body balance is important as we recover and/or age, and gait is a complex science. Our patented, breakthrough technology syncs with your stride, and evidence suggests that Vizziq positively impacts inherent fall defense mechanisms, aiding in correcting imbalances, and improving our own dynamic stability. 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1989 and had never used any form of mobility device. In 2016, I began using the Vizziq on my daily walks and by the fall my husband had noticed a significant difference in my posture, gait speed, strength, and ability to walk longer distances.  It is breakthrough technology in mobility, providing the patented articulating frame that syncs with your stride. The journey of introducing a new tool for gait training has been beyond anything imaginable. It has allowed me to learn from brilliant clinicians and researchers in order to create a device that not only safely assists but effectively trains gait dynamics.  We invite you to discover the difference for yourself with Vizziq Neuromuscular Training.

Katherine Haik, President & Inventor

Vizziq Neuromuscular Trainer


Vizziq™ Neuromuscular Trainer has breakthrough gait training technology that improves gait mechanics including speed, stride length, trunk rotation, enhances posture, & syncs with your stride.

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Our success coach team can help with professional or personal set up and training. Our success coaches are part of our premium customer service team that will provide fast and dedicated service to help meet your goals.


Evidence suggests whole-body progression and promotes confidence and independence through improved gait mechanics including: speed, stride length, control and trunk rotation, and enhances posture and eliminates stoop over and shuffle. 


"I used the Vizziq both before and after surgery. Using it before surgery allowed me to exercise and maintain a more natural gait with less pain. I'm happy to report that there are now days that I forget I even had the surgery!"

Dana- Total Hip Replacement



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